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The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Ectopia: From Ancient Greek: ektopios - away from a place, out of place, out of the way.

Don't let them take your children

The book that Social Services don't want you to read.

Watch the video here.

Get the book here.

Supervised love

A Somerset mother and daughter describe the surveillance conditions imposed on them during supervised contact when the children were in care.

Watch it here.

Act of Betrayal

A woman reflects on an abuse allegation she made many years before. Who was really the 'victim'? The part is played by an actress.

Watch it here.

Escape from Britain.

New documentary.

Celebrities, football coaches and others involved in past public or voluntary activities, now fearing, or facing, false allegations can learn from families fleeing from Social Services.

Featuring Jonathan King, Brian Rothery and Allison Johnson.

Watch it here.

If you are one of the people affected and want to make contact, use the second email at bottom of this page.

See the true story about the adventures of two 13 year old girls in foster care.

Munby questions increase in child abuse and neglect by parents.

Worried about your baby being taken?

Are you pregnant, and worried about your baby being taken away? Are you wrestling with the dilemma of whether to stay in the UK, or go abroad to have your baby? Or, have you had your baby, and are concerned about forced adoption?

If so, a major television channel would be interested in telling your story. At this stage, all conversations are confidential and you are under no obligation to take part in filming.

Contact us.

Prevent Intervention Now!

'Prevent Intervention Now' is an initiative by parents to protect families from Social Services. It has evolved from the Ectopia network in the form of a team of lay advocates which offers a range of services from general advice right up to High Court/Appeal Court submissions.

The Prevent Intervention Now web site is here.

Russian concert pianist plans public hunger strike.

See the new documentary Mother on the run.


Ectopia is not a commercial enterprise and is run by volunteers. Many families however need complex legal support and a large amount of documentation, for dealing with both Social Services and the courts. This can result in preventing their children being seized.

We recommend a small number of lay advocates who can carry out this task. This can require days and nights of work, which no one can expect to be done freely. What they charge is far less than the fees the legal professional would demand. Only the families who stay together as a result can say if this was worthwhile.

Advice and information are given free.

If you are considering fleeing from an abusive partner,watch this video.

Having trouble with a public body?

Are you aware of a conflict of interest?

Did any of the parties in your case have a potential conflict of interest? Did the social worker or other 'expert' who performed the parental assessment previously work for the LA? Did they, or do they, work for a company that also owns an adoption or fostering agency?

We are also looking for parents who have undergone a residential assessment or mother and baby fostering placement, where the foster carer took part in the assessment.

You may just need help to fight back. See link above.

Media coverage of the help network

Channel 4 documentary about the network which helps parents flee with their children from UK Social Services.
BBC Panorama. Please don't take our child.
RTE Prime Time features parents fleeing from the UK.
BBC Radio 4 Face the facts. Forced Adoption and the Mums on the Run.
Ian Josephs on why parents should flee and the reader poll agreeing with him.
BBC - Families flee UK to avoid forced adoption.
BBC - Full version of Families flee UK.
ITV News parents flee to Ireland over forced adoption.
RTE Radio. Forced adoptions.
Christopher Booker in The Telegraph with a success story as parents recover their daughter.
ITV documentary. Don't Take My Child.
Christopher Booker responds to the ITV documentary.
BBC Inside Out Forced Adoptions Feb 2015. Short version.
BBC Inside Out Forced Adoptions Feb 2015. Full version.
The full shocking Taking Baby Jack video shot secretly.
Refugees from the UK with Ian Josephs and Brian Rothery.
The highly controversial feature length documentary 'Traffic' which was temporarily suppressed by injunction.
Russia Today Forced Adoption documentary suppressed by UK court injunctions.
The Sharon Grace project video.
Mums on the run to France with John Hemming.
Czech National Radio.
Latvian family flees through Ireland. See this website on Latvian TV.
Read English language account of Latvian family here.
Mother on the run.
Let my son come home.
BBC. Norway- parents against the state.
'In care' - the true story about the adventures of two 13 year old girls in foster care.
Brian Rothery on the Richie Allen Show.
Escape from Britain..
Act of Betrayal.
Supervised love.

The help network was also featured on Danish TV, the BBC Breakfast Show and Today and on BBC 5. Since the above also on French media and in a number of British and Irish newspapers.

Several programmes and documentaries, including some by foreign media, are planned or underway.

We are grateful that the media coverage has been kind to us. We are also very pleased that the Daily Mirror reader poll shows such overwhelming support from the public. The state and Social Services may have the power of the law on their sides but we are succeeding in the court of public opinion, especially in the hearts and minds of families. If you want to help these families by becoming a Good Samaritan or a McKenzie Friend, contact us below. If you want to help the families with a donation see below also.

Main sources of help and information

Ian Josephs' web site.
Full range of services at The Prevent Intervention Now web site.
John Hemming and Justice for families.
Was your child taken because you were in care?
Children prescribed drugs by psychiatrists.
The persecution strategies used by Social Services against parents.
British writer Ben Capel on Social Services.
Warning about the Jeremy Kyle Show

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